Affective Sensory Extensions (2006)

Mixed Media, 3 Objects 123/35/21, 1 Film 4:08 min.

Affective Sensory Extensions is a short film and collection of three wearable interfaces that monitor health-related information concerning the user’s body. The devices create an immediate and tangible experience by anticipating the long-term consequences of the user’s behaviour. Rather than displaying the information as abstract data, the devices transform them into tangible and unpleasant consequences by using the body itself as a display.

The Stressed device measures stress and starts to scratch unpleasantly to force the user to wind down by amplifying the stress. The Sunburned device measures the sun’s radiation and creates and artificial sunburn to force the user to leave the sun. The Cramped device measures body postures and induces and artificial cramp if the position is to static or unhealthy.