Bjorn Franke

Pace Maker

Pace Maker
Mixed Media, 1 Object 140/149/220, 3 C-Prints 600/450

We increasingly submit ourselves voluntarily to the direct control of machines and technical systems such as alarm clocks or traffic lights, which regulate our private and social lives. Sometimes, however, this control can be more enforcing and can influence our behaviour more directly. The voluntary submission under the control of machines can help us to attain or eliminate a certain behaviour that we are unable to achieve on our own due to lack of motivation or will. In this way, the machine becomes an external motivation device, similar to a personal trainer or coach, which not only encourages us but also makes us change our behaviour.

The Pace Maker is a training device to improve the performance of an extreme workout. It consists of a facial mask with a valve and an embedded pedometer, which counts the amount of steps per time-frame. The valve opens or closes depending on the stepping speed of the user, which is set at the beginning of the training. If the speed is too slow, the device starts to suffocate the user, which then mobilises all power reserves.

Pace Maker
Pace Maker

Concept and Design: Björn Franke
Photos: Jonas Unger
Model: Julijonas Urbonas

Senza Pericolo! Costruzioni e sicurezza, Triennale di Milano Design Museum, Milan, Italy, May 3 – September 1, 2013.