Bjorn Franke

Design as Politics / Politics as Design
Lecture Series and Film Screenings
University of Applied Arts Vienna
Vienna, Austria
March 16 – June 20, 2012

Design is mainly understood as the activity of producing more or less useful artefacts, but not necessarily as a political activity. The design of an artefact, however, is always also a political decision about how people should live, communicate or behave. Furthermore, design can be used as a political instrument in the form of activism, or as a medium to discuss and dream about possible or better futures. Politics itself can also be understood as a form of design, since it involves planning, making decisions and devising laws. The material dimension of politics and the political dimension of artefacts are explored through a series of lectures and film screenings.

Design as Politics

Chair and Organisation: Björn Franke
Logistics and Administration: Elfe Fritz