Bjorn Franke


Zurich, VC Editions

Hyperimages explores the concept of “hyper” in relation to current visual phenomena: the excessive, heightened, multidimensional nature of how images are often produced, consumed or displayed today. Based on a series of discussions, readings, museum visits and visual analysis around the idea of the hyperimages, we aimed essentially at touching some of the following questions: can we see something anew about the relationship between us and the visual, between the visual and reality, between reality and us?

Throughout the discussions a special focus crystallized on the phenomenon of the image assemblages within the cyberspace. We observed how some of such image groupings exist in the same digital plane (like the carefully curated Instagram feeds), but some have their elements distributed across planes and dimensions, like the visual identities and personas emanating from intricate hyperlinking across platforms and channels. Some are more static and linear, but some are in a permanent dynamic of ungraspable change. Just like in an oversaturated heraclitian reality of ever-transforming visual content.

This publication is the result of the seminar “Hyperimages” led by Björn Franke and Annamaria Vasvari in the MA graduate course in Visual Communication at Zurich University of the Arts. The publication contributions were further developed in the two-part workshop “Hyper Hyper: Deconstructing Kim Kardashian” led by Isabel Seiffert an d Christoph Miler (Offshore Studio) in 2020.

The publication can be ordered here.

Editors: Björn Franke, Annamaria Vasvari, Sarah Owens
Contributors: Franco Pereyra, Katharina Shafiei-Nasab, Simon Schwyzer, Julie Friess, Hélène Yüksel, Pallavi Keshri, Annamaria Vasvari, Christoph Miler, Cherry-Ann Davis
Workshop: Offshore Studio (Isabel Seiffert, Christoph Miler)
Design: ROLE Studio (Romy Strasser, Lea Fischlin)
Photos: NN