Bjorn Franke

Not at Your Sevice

Not at Your Service: Manifestos for Design
Basel, Birkhäuser

The project Not at Your Service: Manifestos for Design brings together a wide range of voices in order to illustrate the ways in which design mutates, infects unfamiliar territories and sometimes turns into an empty word devoid of meaning, but also to show how it can open up innovative, socially relevant and cross-disciplinary fields for sustainability, technological innovation and aesthetic practices, and have a positive effect on society.

Not at Your Service: Manifestos for Design brings together the broad spectrum of beliefs, subjects and practices of designers at Zurich University of the Arts. It offers different approaches and insights on the present-day role and impact of design. It is not conceived as a finished project, but as a fluid document of its time.

The publication can be ordered or downloaded here.

Editors: Björn Franke, Hansuli Matter
Contributors: Karmen Franinovic, Nicole Fölsterli, Ulrich Götz, Flurina Gradin, Niklaus Heeb, Larissa Holaschke, Margarete Jahrmann, Nicole Kind, Roman Kirschner, Michael Krohn, Francis Müller, Lisa Ochsenbein, Sarah Owens, Antonio Scarponi, Reinhard Schmidt, Karin Seiler, Bitten Stetter, Maike Thies, Katharina Tietze, Stefano Vanotti, Margarete von Lupin, Martin Zimper, Corina Zuberbühler
Design: Offshore Studio
Photos: NN